“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

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Hey, I'm Mel!

A hopeless romantic, modern day goddess and lover of all the things, all the time! I’m in love with myself, my relationships and my life. Falling in love is temporary, but staying in love can be forever! The fact is, love is a decision and we’re often not taught how to really be in love. But there is one secret, you already have everything you need! No matter what you’ve been through, or how many heartbreaks you’ve suffered – love is your birthright. Let me introduce you to my ‘out of love’ experiences.

"The power of now"

Single, dating or married. We will all at some point disconnect with love. This disconnection causes us to struggle in our relationships. Imagine being able to break limiting patterns and create harmonious, loving relationships once and for all?

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The six things that happen when working with a love coach...


Learn really what you want in love, and how to get it by tapping into your heart's desires


Let go of old pains and release blocks that hold you back from receiving love for good


Learn to be in the present, become more compassionate towards yourself and others


Adapt skills to own your emotions and create boundaries to be heard and seen for who you are


Effortlessly watch the universe shift things always in your favor - dream partner + dream relationship


Stepping into your power, increase self love, self esteen and self care to master love by giving to yourself

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My Mission

I help women (like me), who have struggled in some aspect with their relationships to reconnect with love so they can MASTER  life & relationships. Want to stay in love?

New Book Release Love Moods

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Love is a forever thing. I know this, because I have mastered it. Falling in love is different. We experience variations or states of love throughout our life. This book is a series of concepts that allow you to stay in love forever. Like, literally. Imagine feeling and being able to connect with love at any given times? This isn’t a how to guide. This is simply put a way to set the mood, to master relationships and stay in love.

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Started in 2017 - to help others master love so that they have more fulfilling relationships!

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Trust & Safety

Working with a coach requires vulnerability & of course trust. I respect all your information be kept private and never share your personal journey with others. I hold space for my clients and respect their privacy.

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