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Let me tell you something, I was not always in love with life. I have never had trouble attracting the perfect man and relationship for me, but I DID have trouble keeping it. I was engaged in my early 20s and questioned often ‘is this it?’. After the honeymoon phase ended, I couldn’t help but question how staying in love was possible… if it was even possible (!!?!?!?!) or if I was just to accept the lack of passion, romance and dare I say, commitment was normal. You see, my parents are divorced, and my last memories of them together – were well, IN LOVE…so why the heck did they separate?

 I started to intensely study love and realized that it is something natural for us. As humans, to love and be loved is the most natural thing we can be. However, life will teach us that love is a risk, it can be painful and that our partners are responsible for creating that love for us. After studying relationship patterns, love as an emotion and a decision…I realized that we can absolutely reconnect at anytime! The only reason we feel disconnect from love or others, is because we’ve actually disconnected to ourselves.  Once I learned and applied it all – I fell in love, and stayed there. I am in love with myself, my partner, my life…its kinda gross how much love I see in every single day! Don’t get me wrong, I do not live in a love fantasy bubble. Yes, passion will fizzle… intimacy will decrease and times you’ll be committed to other areas of your life more than your partner – but I practice a 360 approach, to connect with love in your body, your mind and your soul. Working with me as your coach, I will help you uncover what has blocked you from receiving the love you desire – and break the patterns so you can implement a ‘toolbelt’ of practices to connect back to love at any given time, to master your relationships & life!

it's my Mission

To help women who have struggled in some aspect with relationships; to be able to reconnect with love so they can MASTER their life & relationships!

**You want to hire a coach if...

Hey sister, I am here for you! I want to help guide you through your love blueprint, to recreate and offer a tool belt to connection. You want to work with me if:

You have a sense that you were meant for more in relationships. Settling just doesn’t seem right…or maybe like myself, you felt like “IS THIS REALLY IT?!” You meet great people, but something is missing.

You continue to attract the wrong partner and you’re SO ready to break this pattern and have the RIGHT one show up for you! Let’s get rid of some of those blockages

 You and your partner just can’t seem to get on the same page – communication is rare, connection seems lost and passion…forget it! It’s ok, this is normal. We can ignite the spark!

You are struggling through a tough break up, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t shower… (been there, trust me, put down the ice cream tub – I got YOU!) Learn compassion for yourself and mourn the pain.

You a simply just want to cultivate love from within with a BOSS self-care routine. You may have a busy schedule or haven’t taken the time to really get to know yourself. 

Feel like ‘the one’ got away? It’s quite possible that you can re-connect with them. Millions do it everyday! Now we can’t guarantee you’ll reunite, but if you find yourself longing for someone else…there’s a chance you’ve disconnected with love. At the very least, you’ll gain clarity and compassion in coaching.

**Why work with a coach?

Unlike self help books and blogs, our goal is catered specific to you and your needs. Everyone has a love blueprint within them – and I work with you to uncover what that is. There’s no one size fit all solution, so I am here to hold that space for you.

Holding a safe space, sometimes our pals can lovingly project judgment, due to their love story

You’re really just investing in a full time cheerleader – someone who can never give up on you, even when sometimes you want to throw the towel in…

It takes time – and there is transitional periods + new habit building, I am going to hold you accountable

New perspectives – We look into the deeper stuff, not just surface level

The skills and practices you learn are for a lifetime, even after our relationship expires and can easily be applied to other areas of your life <3

Tribe and community – human nature needs a foundation of support, even better if they’ve lived parts of your journey

Online Courses

Work at your own pace, learn the basics of love and cultivate a mind, body, soul practice to serve you into love. In addition create connection through my online community!


Nothing like real life human connection! I host several workshops a year, focused on salutations for commitment, intimacy and passion. 

Let's work together!

Aside from hosting my workshops, I am available to collaborate for other events. Available for seminars, retreats or guest speak at your next event

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Started in 2017 - to help others master love so that they have more fulfilling relationships!

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Trust & Safety

Working with a coach requires vulnerability & of course trust. I respect all your information be kept private and never share your personal journey with others. I hold space for my clients and respect their privacy.

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