Why work with a coach?

Unlike self help books & blogs, our goal is catered specific to you and your needs

Holding a safe space, sometimes our pals can lovingly project judgment, due to their love story

You’re really just investing in a full time cheerleader – someone who can never give up on you, even when sometimes you want to throw the towel in…

It takes time – and there is transitional periods + new habit building, I am going to hold you accountable

New perspectives – We look into the deeper stuff, not just surface level

The skills and practices you learn are for a lifetime, even after our relationship expires and can easily be applied to other areas of your life <3

Tribe and community – human nature needs a foundation of support, even better if they’ve lived parts of your journey

Online Courses

Work at your own pace, learn the basics of love and cultivate a mind, body, soul practice to serve you into love. In addtion create connection through my online community!


Nothing like real life human connection! I host several workshops a year, focused on solutations for committment, intimacy & passion. 

Let's work together!

Aside from hosting my workshops, I am available to collaborate for other events. Available for seminars, retreats or guest speak at your next event.