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#SelfCentred 2.0

Let me introduce you to my foundational course, #SelfCentred

I designed this so that anyone feeling abit disconnected from themselves can rediscover who they really are…which is love. You will learn and channel the power of love within to ignite attraction and witness more magic in your life. 

Self Centered 2.0

WHY being self centered is actually a good thing when it comes to love. Why? Because you are love. So when you disconnect from it, you've really disconnected from yourself. When I talk about being self centered, I'm talking about getting self-focused, in tuned and aligned with love.

This is the ultimate foundational course of relationships. Because love comes from within so by gaining more understanding yourself, you can show up for your partners fully. With this course, you gain access into the keys of what really connects you with love.

We fall in and out love nearly every here I'm sharing my knowledge on the key of routine, thought patterns and understanding your emotional blocks that can help you be in love, longer...or like, forever?!

You'll want to take this course if:

  • You want to attract more love into your life (including a new partner)
  • Reconnect with your partner, deepen your love and learn how to grow with your partner
  • You want to create a badass self love routine, but also really understand your love blueprint and love story

This is a 5 week course designed with bonuses:

When signing up, you will have access to the community support board + 5 one on one coaching calls with Mel!

The coaching calls will be there for additional support in grasping the concepts and helping you with any emotional blockages

Early Bird pricing options only available until April 6th, 2020

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