There is no right way to do this: self love, what it really means.

How are you doing? I mean really, how are you doing? I know this time has been challenging for most. And as much as we try to stay positive, fear will overtake. And this is okay. It is okay, completely. There is no right way to handling this.

We have no idea what the future will bring for us. We can only have faith in hope and trust that it’ll be for something better and greater for humanity as a whole. We cannot live in the future right now. We have to live in the now. What we have true control over. And allow the illusions of fear of the future just be. By just ‘being’, we enter into love. And moreso – self love.

We need to honor our emotions as is. If you are struggling, honor it. If you are confused, honor it. If you are powerless, honor it. Yes, this is a time to cultivate a self care or self love routine. Yes this is the time for inner reflection and deeper connection to the ones you love. But – it also is a time to accept what is, including you as you are now.

You do not have to be perfect, because you already are. You do not have be super mom, the best partner, the ultimate citizen – because you already are.

Acceptance is the base of all loving relationships, and it starts with you. I practice a technique called the ‘goodie list’ – in which I ask you to find things that light you up. That you can resort to in times of disconnect. While this is helpful during our isolation period, it’s also unattainable.

We were meant for dark times, just as much as we were meant for light. In everything in life –there is a polarity that has it’s meaning. We do not need to understand or figure it out now. In fact – let’s not. Let just find a way to fall in love with ourselves, as is.

Story time:

I started this isolation really enthusiastic. I thought, ok great – this gives me time to connect with my spirituality, which I had been yearning to get back to. I was like, ok maybe I have to sacrifice some income for the meantime, but that’s ok – there will be a solution. But the days got darker. As I immersed myself in projects, I wanted to finalize… checking them off one by one, I’m like ok, what’s next?

You see, this is normal for us to keep aiming for higher and higher – and we should never stop. This happens in every area of our life. But there’s a point where you must surrender.

April 5th, 2020 was my time.

Just a couple days ago, I had no desire for anything. This has lingered since. My body suddenly wants to stand still. I am reporting live from my bed. It’s a beautiful day out, I want to take a walk. But I can’t. I want to work out. But I won’t. It’s ok.

I honor my body and I honor my desires to relax.

In the quietness, there is opportunity. There will be a lot of quiet moments, I assure you. I’m asking you to consider to love yourself through them. And really try quietness. So far, I have had more revelations within myself in the past 48 hours, then the past 3 weeks.

This is self love.

I know I am perfectly fine to do nothing. Or to do something, whatever I choose. But if you resist, your body will tell you.

Energetically, we get used to exhaustion and ignore this during the busyness of life. But something greater than us, is asking us to rest.

Self love is when you decide that you can never get it wrong. We are destined to make mistakes, and learn. You are always evolving and upgrading. Self love is accepting exactly where you are right now.

Self love always means releasing judgment of yourself. What’s the worst that will happen if you choose to not jump on your phone for a day? We are meant to connect of course. But self love is when you decide to reconnect with yourself over and over again. This is a forever process. It’s not a face mask. It’s not a morning routine.

These are certainly acts of self love, but self love comes from unconditional. Just now. Just deciding. Just being love, now.