The perception and projections of love: how to use your fear

“Perfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, then there is not perfect love” – A Course in Miracles

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for about 2 years. It is simplistic, yet complex. It’s main concept is to show us that anything other than love is an illusion based in fear. This is exactly what I preach and practice.
It is so hard to forget though.

We are human beings, and here to live a human experience – including fear and discomfort. The above quote to me is not taken literal. I use this to remind myself, that I have the power to bring back love and because no love is actually perfect, all love must be perfect.

If fear is present, it does not mean love does not exist. It means that fear has caused a false illusion of this. If fear is present, it means you are internally suffering – because you do not witness love. You may fear that you have lost it, or it does not exist – but that feeling along, tells you it’s there, waiting to be revealed.

To get there – we must forgive our present moment of fear (giving up our power in love); and release judgment on it. This shift in perception is what the course translate to a miracle.
Our perception a.k.a. as our state of beliefs and emotions is our reality we see and experience.

“Perception selects, and makes the world you see.” – A Course in Miracles

As an NLP Practitioner, my coaching is based on my clients understanding of their inner world and how it is their responsibility to own (and without judgement). When we judge, we are coming from an ego mindset – which is fixed. A fixed mindset leaves no opportunity for growth because it accepts what is, as truth. But truth is only the meaning you give it. So release the judgment of self and others – as this is the quickest way to rid the ego.

As for love, you must understand that “Nothing you see means anything alone” – (A Course in Miracles), and because you give meaning to everything – use your fear as this. Because you fear, you see what you do not like or want. So instead, make peace with the fear and reconnect to love by focusing on what you do want to see instead. There are one in the same.

Learn to love yourself in every moment – and fear cannot thrive. Ego cannot visit as often.
Love is a miracle, and really only requires a shift in perception to activate.

What do you think?